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Who we are?

ALTSA or Analytical Laboratories and Technical Services Australia is a laboratory center located in Merbein, Victoria. The laboratory aims to meet the needs of farmers and agriculturists to have access to analytical procedures which will help them in getting insights about the the state of their soil or produce.


A little bit of history

We are situated in a 57-acre laboratory complex near Mildura main airport. This was owned by Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and was operating since 1919.

Future Plans

By 2020, we are planning to have four fully operational and independent laboratories capable of servicing other analytical needs.

Our Services

We cater numerous types of analytical tests for our customers inside and outside Australia.


Soil and Plant Tissue Analysis

If your goal is to determine the amount of available nutrients in the soil or the amount of nutrients absorbed by plants through analysis of sample tissues. You may choose from a variety of tests which include Generic Soil Test, Readily Available Soil Nutrition Test, Absolute Soil Nutrition Test, Absolute vs Readily Available Soil Nutrition Test, Tri-stage Soil Nutrition Test, Dry Tissue Test and SAP Test depending on your requirements


Wine and Food Analysis

We are also conducting analysis for fermentation (including wine and beer) and food products. You may choose from Wine Test, Beer Test, Maximum Residue Level (MRL) Test to determine the amount of pesticide residue remaining on food products and Miscellaneous or Other Test.


Environment and Chemical Analysis

If you want to determine possible contaminations on the environment surrounding your area, you may choose from water test, chemical contamination test and chemical content test


Agronomy and Other Test

Do you like to get experts advice from our resident agronomists? You can get reliable pest identification,

Company Values


Our Mission

To be one of the most respected and attractive analytical and technical testing provider in the plant industry throughout Australia.


Our Vision

We envision that farmers will have access to state of the art and sophisticated laboratories through analytical and technical services providers like ALTSA right at their own comfort.


Our Promise

We always strive to advance our technical expertise to better increase efficiency and environmental responsibility. We guarantee that we provide the most reliable results to all our customers.


585 River Avenue Merbein South Victoria 3505 Australia


Phone: +61 787 678 455


567 890 899 788